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    Here's my choices, Please rate them

    Alright, I've been looking for shared hosting for over a month now. I mainly used and a few other search engines to find these hosts.

    My criteria is:
    Price: < 12$ /month
    Disk Space: 250MB - 1GB
    Traffic: 10GB +
    Remote: SSH or telnet
    MySQL: 2DB's or more
    PHP: Installed
    E-mail: Everyone always offers like 10000 e-mails so "yes"
    SubD's: 10+
    FTP: 20
    CGI&Perl: Yes

    Basically, I'm a dynamic web developer, and I need a place to host my php/MySQL portfolio, and other web designs.

    http://www.lenzmultimedia/ - 350 plan
    http://www.**********.com/ - 5GB plan - 350 plan - Jatol C

    If anyone can give any info on these hosts good or bad, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    well the second host was 5gb Hosting and they asterisks it out, I'm not sure if that's a subtle message that says no or what?

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    asterix's just mean whoever it was got caught for doing something wrong.. usually not being able to read rules. Considering the wealth of hosts around just cross them off your list and move on

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    Well, considering they really did something wrong (like spamming,......) it is correct to asterisk out the actual message, however if someone else mentions this company, asterisking it out is IMHO censorship.

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    Most of our customers wouldn't immediately recognize our "schmolie" address (it's a long story), we are more commonly known as simplywebhosting or by our parent company, Advantagecom. Good luck in your search Chris.

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    Is anyone going to offer some advice on which one to buy as opposed to which one sucks(aka

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    Alot of the posters replying to your post on here as you can see are other hosts, we are not allowed to recommend ourself, or to give you offers.

    That is how the account with *'s probably got thier name banned. If you want to try posting in the Web Hosting Offers area, you will get alot of offers that hosts can actually battle for your business in.

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    don't know, just do whois to see which one is in business longer. that is one of the consideration. do a search in here w/ that host name to see if there is any negative/postive feedback. you should be able to make decision base on the two.
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