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    Tricks To Increase Traffic in Your Site

    If you are serious about building an online business, the first

    thing, you will have to increase traffic to your site. Most of

    these techniques are very simple to implement.

    1. RSS EMPOWERED is One of the most effective sources of traffic .

    Get your own site ready and prepared for RSS to take advantage of

    all this traffic.

    2. The main source of traffic to a site are the search engines.

    Mainly from Google, followed by MSN and Yahoo. You must optimize

    your site for the search engines.

    3.Article submission is the major reason for increasing traffic .A

    good article will boost your link popularity and increase your

    rankings. You must also very much attentive to choose the right

    keywords , matching the content on your site.

    4.You can use an ezine to offer helpful tips to your

    subscribers.It brings a lot of traffic to a site. The ezine must

    relate to the site's theme and give more information on the same.

    5. VIRAL MARKETING EMPOWERED Another way to attract targeted

    visitors is to offer a free product or service.

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    good advice, anything else? too short.

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    Thanks for your post. I hope you keep up the good work.

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    If I were you I'd not call them tricks. They are ways or methoda or something like that. Tricks always asociate with black hat SEO. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    That advice seems more specific to sites with updating content/articles/etc. None of that works so much for... say... an e-commerce site...

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    I think I saw this same thread in another forum... - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    Good information, I would suggest adding articles to digg
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    Nice reminder. It takes a lot of hard work and only those who are passionate and dedicated can last in the long run.

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    The following are not tricks but more or less some basic ideas of mine.

    When talking about increasing traffic one has to focus on his target audience. That is like the first question that he has to find the answer to. What do readers of particular topics or consumers of particular services look for?

    He could make his service, that offers whatever that is it offers, be the best one in the world according to his view. This doesn't mean, though, that he or his site will become successful or popular. Why? Cause his best ain't my best, your best or the customers' best.

    My suggestion to anyone is to start analyzing his target audience very carefully before implementing any sorts of techniques. He has to try and find what keywords regular people use when they are searching for such services/products/topics on the Internet. He has to add quality content to his site (relevant with the original site content, of course) that will be built around these key phrases. And let's not forget that it is not just keywords here, that he has to focus on, it is the business model that he has to rearrange according to the needs his customers have.

    It would also be a good thing if he focuses on being a "superstar" rather than being the average mediocre product or site. If everybody in this business go left he has to go right in order to get the desired attention and become remarkable in the eyes of people.

    If he becomes that "superstar" in the eyes of the consumers of the particular product or service then he will more likely get noticed by others as well.

    That's all from me on this topic. Hope to hear other inspiring ideas and thoughts.

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