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    How do I setup an in home NS?

    Kind of a genral and stupid question, but I dunno how else to ask it... I have a domain, and I want to point to my linux box just down the hall...

    I have looked around my host's domain admin site (because it is currently pointed at a shared hosting server that hosts my site) ... I dont know what entries to change...

    Sorry my question is so vague, but I have little to no expierence with this..

    Any help is appreciated


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    I think this is more a server question than a domain question?
    From the registrar level it does not matter much where your server is actually located. All they need is 2 IP numbers.
    I'm not a server expert - but hope that helps.

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    what you need to do is to contact your domain name registrar and have them register the name server for you, that's all

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    all you need is to download a nameserver client or dns workshop to maintain your records then register your ips/hostsnames with you registrar and your set

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    Thanks... guess I will contact my registar and ask them about registering a nameserver..


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