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    3 sites all keenly priced

    101 Free Avatars

    I am selling my avatar site located at

    It runs coppermine and all the avatars were sourced from license free sites.


    Domain at GoDaddy

    $50 via PayPal takes it.


    This site is similiar to Yahoo! Answers.

    Alot of questions have been submitted this month and their is still 147 unanswered question in the admin cp -


    Domain is at

    Price: $50 via PayPal

    Fixed Price only

    Time To Rant:

    A ranting site powered by php confession script by phppod. Highly custimised as you can see with unique design and logo. License and PSDs included.

    About 50 uniques per month, site has been around for quite a while. Domain recently renewed.

    Domain is at GoDaddy - $100 takes it

    Buy 2 sites and get a further 10% off - All sites must go!

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    Pebia has been sold!

    TTR now $80
    101 now $30

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