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    Get your hosting business a TOLL FREE NUMBER (We even have 800's available!)

    Toll free numbers for hosting companies, cheap!

    What you get!:
    - Free 800 number consulting, we'll find a number PERFECT for you at no cost to you! (let's say your company was racknet, we could possibly get you 1-800-rack-net!)
    - Free "Follow-me" setup (basicly what this will allow you to do is setup a bunch of different phone numbers you are at, like your business phone and your cell phone, and if someone calls your 800 number, it will present them with a greeting for menu options if you so wish, put them on hold, call your phone and say 'You have a call from 970-555-1235 (if that was the callers phone number), to accept press one, to send caller to voicemail press two, to send caller to another number press three, etc.)
    - Free menu options (this way a customer could call your 800 number and you could say 'press one for support, press two for sales, press three for emergencies, etc' and we could have the menu options ring all of your phone numbers ("Follow-me" service), or each option ring a different number).
    - Free fax relay or fax storage (you can have faxs come directly into your 800 number and be automaticly re-faxed to another number, or stored to be faxed somewhere else in the future!)
    - Listen to your messages online (comming in 1-3 weeks, web based access to listen to voicemail and view fax messages).
    - Use your 800 number as a calling card! (dial into your 800 number, login and you can make calls! Just think if you were stuck at a payphone with no change because your cell phone lost signal or died. You could make a call. NO FEE'S FOR USING PAY PHONES!)
    - Extention numbers (wouldn't you like to give all your employee's/friends/family their own extention for ringing to their house or voicemail? Now you can!)
    - Look like a bigger company than you are just by having a nice 800 number
    - A low 8cents a min! (100% negotiable, we will work with you on a plan that is right for your budget!)
    - Only a $9.95 per month minimum (this means if you use only $5 per month in long distance, you will still be charged $9.95 per month. But, compare all of these services to other companies! They would charge you at least $100 per month just for the setup!.)
    - Friendly and always available technical support
    - Smaller company attitude (we may have alot to offer, but we are still a relatively small company. You will get treated as if you are our only customer. We strive to provide customers with excellent support.)
    - Same day setup! We even have 800 numbers available now!

    Some services may cost more, but usually you only pay per minute for what you use. We will talk to you about what we charge for additional work.

    Different scenario's that we have done for different customers:

    Scenario #1:
    Let's say your company is hostguru. We would get you something like 1-888-host-guru. Customers would call your number and would hear something like this:
    "Hello, you have reached hostguru. If you know your parties extention number, please dial it at any time. For sales press 1, for support press 2. If you wish to leave a fax message, please press start on your fax machine now."

    If they pressed 1, it would call your business phone, your cell phone, and if it got no answer, or you didn't want to talk to them, it would drop them to a voice mail greeting so they could leave a voicemail.


    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal!

    Contact information:
    Please contact me on WHT via private message as I am selling this service for a company I am directly connected to.
    ICQ: 166955079
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