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    2 Hard Drives - 1 partition

    I'm looking at a dedicated server with one drive being 60GB, the other 80GB.

    Is it possible to get them both partitioned as a / partition? I am planning to use it as a VPS node so it needs to have everything based on the / partition, and not 2 separate drives.

    It is a CentOS server... if that's anything.

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    Using logical volumes, yes that is possible.
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    Think it's something my DC would be able to do just telling them to make both drives under the / partition?

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    Your best bet would simply be to ask them, there is no better way to find out than from them.

    Best of luck!
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    ^^ Never thought of that! Thanks - Sell your cell for cash!

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    They are probably still busy laughing at his signature.

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    this is called JDOB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightwave View Post
    They are probably still busy laughing at his signature.

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    Just use LVM for the 2 hardrives you will get them "as one" but remember the inconveinences to get them unified. If one of the hardrives broke.. you will lose all. They have to do it by software, but never will be a solution like hardware raid.

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    yup, just set them up in an LVM but you have to consider it as only 1 drive since its sort of like RAID-0 and you will most likely lose all your data if 1 dies.

    just keep updated backups

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