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    Confronting some problems

    Im confronting a problem.....Im using plesk, I created a new email account and when I tried to enter by the webmail, dont recognize the email, dont let me in.
    Any suggestion.
    By the way.... With some domain that have my name server changed by 2 days ago still in the old server I ping the domain and looks like pointing the new server, but thats not real, still in the old server.
    Any suggestion, I will be apreciate.

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    I dont know Plesk so I cant answer you that one..

    but for your other question regarding changing nameservers, it may take time to propogate all over the Internet as different ISP's have different DNS caching policies. Give it another day. You can try sites like or to see if your changes have populated in different locations.

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    yes, you are right, now I can see all my web sites.

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