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  1. #1 charged my credit card without my consent

    I opened a free 1 year hosting account at through an offer they were running and never used it. While opening the account I had given my credit card details for verification.

    Last month I got a mail from them with an Invoice saying that my account would be renewed. I replied back to that mail asking them to cancel my account as I was not using it and not charge my credit card. As I did not get any reply from them, I assumed they must have cancelled my account.

    Today I was shocked to see that they had charged me $191.40 inspite of my mail. When I opened a Support ticket I got this reply from them:

    Unfortunately I do not see any other Support Tickets submitted by you regarding the cancellation of your account. sent out a notification via email 30 days prior to the bill date informing you of the upcoming renewal.

    If you wish to cancel your service, you must do so prior to your next due date to avoid being charged for additional month(s) of service. A completed cancellation form is required to remove all products you wish to cancel.

    You will need to login to your Customer Manager ( to do this. Once you login to the Customer Manager you will click on the Change Renewal Options link under Product Information.

    JUMPLINE.COM does not offer a prorated refund based on the early cancellation of your hosting account. If you are on a multi-month payment interval and wish to cancel a hosting account prior to the end of the term, you will forfeit any money paid for the hosting account. Once money has been received on a hosting account, this account will be considered under contract for the service provided by JUMPLINE.COM for the term of agreement. This policy is in effect for all hosting accounts at JUMPLINE.COM.

    The account(s)/product(s) will remain active and continue to be billed unless we receive the completed form.

    They could've replied to my mail with this information 1 month ago and I would have done the needful but they did not. Inspite of requesting for a refund, they are not giving me one. This is a clear breach of trust. Should I apply for a chargeback with my credit card company?

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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    Why did you assume your account was canceled upon no confirmation?

    Did you follow proper procedure to cancel your account with them?

    Looks like your assumptions is what got your credit card charged. You opened a ticket with them after you had been charged, which you could have also done before you were charged and confirmed that your account was canceled in a proper manner.

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    You have one problem, you do not have any proof they received your cancellation, we see that more often that someone says they did cancel but did not receive any confirmation from the hosting company.

    As always i reply: If you did not receive a confirmation, they did not receive it, or do like they did not receive it, be ware and take additional steps to cancel your account. (incl. creating tickets, send faxes, send a letter)

    If you did any of the above, you should request a charge back, if you didn't it is your word against theirs and a charge back could be un lawfull (and i am not going to advise you something which might be against the law), the question is if you still have the papers stating that you gave your creditcard details solely for verification purposes, in that case you may also think about a chargeback).

    Never the less you may have just helped a lot of people by letting everyone know here that JUMPLINE does not play nice, the fact that they bind you for a long term is already not right in my eyes, and that they immediately reply that in no way you can get e prorated refund is not really customer friendly either.

    Again a lesson learned; never give your creditcard details, especially not for things you would get for free, there are other ways of verification.

    I wish you all the best in sorting this issue with them.

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    I had never used that account so I was not aware of the procedures. When I sent them a mail asking them to cancel my account, they should have informed me of this procedure. But they chose not to.

    Even now, when I login and try to find that cancellation request form, I am unable to. This is despite the fact that I am following their instructions to the letter (to get to the form).

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    If you take proper procedure for the cancellation, it wouldn't happened.
    You didn't use that account. What was the reason?.

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    040Hosting - Thanks for your honest opinion. Unfortunately, there was no paperwork involved as is the case with 99% of online transactions and I don't have any record of the offer. I do have on record the mail which I sent them asking for the cancellation. But I guess an email would not count as an official/legal document and it would be hard to prove legally.

    I think I am allowed to raise a dispute with my credit card company and put my case before them. Whether I get back my money or not, I will fight because what is right is right. They had no business charging my card inspite of my mail requesting them to cancel my account. Either they should have replied back to me giving me the proper procedure to follow for cancellation, or they should have asked me to open a Support ticket. They chose to do neither.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bineshjacob View Post
    If you take proper procedure for the cancellation, it wouldn't happened.
    You didn't use that account. What was the reason?.
    Like I said earlier, I was unaware of the procedure for cancellation.

    I found the account too difficult and cumbersome to operate and that's why I did not use it. I totally forgot about it until I got this rude shock today.

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    I managed to find the page where they stated their FAQ about this free offer:

    Am I required to purchase services to receive the free offer?
    No, you are not required to make a purchase. You are already pre-qualified to receive the free offer.

    What happens after the free offer expires?
    If you choose to remain a customer after the initial offer expires, will charge your credit card at the normal rate for your VDS web hosting plan. (normal rate is $19.95/month and will be charged based on the selected term of your offer). You have the option to cancel your VDS web hosting plan at anytime and you will not be billed after the initial offer expires. You also have the ability to update your billing term, or select a different VDS web hosting plan at any time.

    Do I need a credit card to receive the free offer?
    Yes, requires a valid credit card to secure the free offer. However you will not be billed unless you choose the keep the service after the free offer expires.

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    I searched WHT and looks like many people have a similar experience with Jumpline: is dishonest. I jumped in on the free plan and told them three separate times within a month to cancel my account. They still charged my card $200 and when I disputed the charge they told me too bad and that they wouldn't bill me the following year.

    I couldn't believe it when I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and saw they already have 12 complaints!

    Quote Originally Posted by jumpline_victim View Post

    If you do not want to extend contract with cancel your account several weeks before the deadline. Fill-in the online form for cancellation, and call them persistently to make sure they take action. Better still, say that you are recording this conversation.

    They have a clause in their contract that allows them to deduct the payment from your credit card account, WITHOUT informing you.

    A Jumpline_Victim
    Here's their record with the Better Business Bureau -

    Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to failure to respond to a complaint.
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    Reoccuring CC charges can be illegal

    There's the danger in using a CC. In most cases you are actually giving the vendor access to your bank account limited only by *their* terms.

    A classic trick is to sign the customer to an "opt out" agreement buried in the fine print. What that says is that billing will continue unless the customer follows the vendor's termination instructions to the letter. Then the termination instructions are made so vague that it's impossible to comply.

    For example, too vague: "Notification will be in a timely manner determined by the vendor."

    For example, too complex: "Notification will be before the seventh day in the month before cancellation and will be by the Vendor's ticketing system at 'http://elaboratenonsensevendortickitingsystemname.ripoffvendor.fg/imcredibleununderstandablename/youareluckyifthisworks.php' followed by a Western Union brand telegram arriving no later than two days after the cancellation ticket."

    But then you've already seen the same thing in countless credit card offers, real estate vacations, video rental offers, telephone service offers, and cable TV offers.

    Unfortunately, it all boils down to "read the fine print" and the corollary "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

    However many CC companies are wise to these tricks. But, it is up to you to show evidence of why the TOS (often reducable to a hard to enforce "contract of adhesion" if it is hard to find) is unreasonable or why your efforts to cancel would be considered acceptable under common and usual industry practices. If you get your CC company on your side about all the vendor can do is make a lot of noise (hint: only idiots go to court over small amounts -- it ain't worth the time); if you don't, it's an expensive lesson.

    Aza D. Oberman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Premium Domains View Post
    Do I need a credit card to receive the free offer?
    Yes, requires a valid credit card to secure the free offer. However you will not be billed unless you choose the keep the service after the free offer expires.
    This might set you free, unless another (conflicting) line was in the FAQ, the above suggest you need to take action (choose to keep the service) which you did not, in fact you did take action to cancel, but you do not have proof of this (you send out an email, but you do not know if it is received, if i am correct).

    Back to the words 'choose to keep the service' would imply you need to make a choice, making a choice is not an automatic renewal, but something you have to do from my point of view. I would certainly contact your CC company and explain them what happened and explain you like them to act on it.

    Now i know my opinion is not worth anything, i am not a judge nor a lawyer, and personally find this type of companies the scum of the earth, but still they seem to have more luck in getting customers as some of us.

    Anyways, i wish you all the best in sorting this out, please keep us updated of the outcome. And please remember most of the webhost out there are good people, like always a few rotten apples spoil it for the others.

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    Good point 040Hosting -- Ad representation is important

    Good point.

    Explicit advertising claims are usually given more weight than the fine print (the pompous buzz words are "relied on the vendor's representation to my detriment").

    Organize the information: a copy of the advertisement (preferably in glowing HTML with color), a copy of your cancellation email, copies of any requests for a refund, and copy of your CC billing statement with the contested charge clearly marked. It couldn't hurt to enclose a copy of the BB report on Jumpline and a clear statement that you enrolled for, but never used, any Jumpline services.

    Present your argument and information in hard copy by snail mail to the CC company and request a USPS return receipt -- I think most States give residents 30 days to contest a charge, I have no idea what international requirements are.

    Good luck,


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    I am happy to report that my chargeback was successful and I have been refunded the full amount by my credit card company.

    My advice to all those who face a similar problem of unauthorized charges from Jumpline - file a chargeback with your credit card company immediately!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Premium Domains View Post
    I am happy to report that my chargeback was successful and I have been refunded the full amount by my credit card company.
    No - you've been given provisional credit while they investigate the charges. The company will have the opportunity to dispute your chargeback, and, if Visa/MC thinks they're in the right, they'll take the money back.
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