Greetings All!

I vaguely recall a couple people here posting that they run multiple web-hosting (company) sites at once.... apparently targeting to several different niches of customers at once.

I'm at the point where I need to make a decision as to whether or not to try this. I'm a reseller who just finished moving all his clients over to a new host. I started by creating a new sales site on the new server, but I left my old sales site over on the old one during the transition... just for continuity's sake for my customers.

Now, just the other day, I moved my old hosting sales site over to the new provider as well. So, I'm now wondering if I should run two hosting sales sites.... or one?

I was thinking about creating a new hosting plan system on the old site and somehow rigging both sites up to work off of the same support FAQ database.

(But then it also occurred to me that I'm getting more into PHP programming these days, so it might be best just to stick with one hosting sales site and slowly "morph" the old one into a software sales site.)

But I'd really like to hear from somebody who has "been there" first! Someone who's already giving the appearance of running multiple hosting companies!

How on earth do you effectively run multiple "mini-hosting companies" at once as a reseller, if you're just one or two people? How do you keep your customers straight? How do you keep from making a stupid mistake like emailing them from the wrong domain/address?

Don't you find it harder having to work TWO marketing plans?


-= Dave =-