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    eNom and .uk domains

    Does anyone else have use eNom for a sizeable number of .uk domain registrations?

    I have hundreds of them in my eNom account and I'm starting to notice a few problems...

    The biggest issue is if you're trying to register name servers under a .uk, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... and so far it's taken almost two weeks to get eNom to change the IP addresses for a registered .uk name server.

    The other annoying thing I've noticed is the seemingly random behaviour of the contact information... if I set all the contacts to "Account Billing", once I submit the page it comes back with all the contacts on different settings (account billing, aux billing, custom, etc).

    Anyone seeing this kind of thing too... or is it just me?

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    While personally I would not use a non-UK company to register UK domains (it gets very messy from a legal point of view!) I half suspect that the problem is at the Nominet end here.

    Nominet keep changing the way their database is laid out. All very messy and very confusing!

    I suspect registrars are finding it difficult to keep up.

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