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    WiredTree continues to make me look good!

    I hosed up good today. Real good, actually.

    I was working on a website for a design client, logged into as the root user. When I decided to make a few permissions changes. Of course I didn't look at what directory I was in. So I ran the command chmod -R 755 *. It took awhile, I killed it, and then I realized I was in / and not the clients directory.

    At this point, I thought for sure I was screwed. Now, I didn't let the command run for more than 5-10 seconds, but I knew I screwed stuff up good in that short period of time.

    So I sent in a ticket to Wired Tree -- an Emergency ticket of course. I had a response in 10 minutes letting me know they were already working on fixing it. And in just an hour and a half, I was totally fixed up, without a minute of downtime for my clients.

    I mean, seriously, they just make me look good. I go off and do dumb things, and they're right there to cover my butt. Combine their awesome support, with near 100% network up time, and great product offerings, which are quite affordable, I don't know why any of you even consider a different web host.

    Good work, Gentlemen. Good work.

    Seriously - if you're looking for a VPS, or Dedicated Server, go there now. Don't even waste your time looking at other offerings. It's pointless.

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    Wow, thats quite a great recommendation!

    Great job to the guys over at WiredTree!
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    That is exceptional. Good job WiredTree.
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    Yeah, good on em'

    It's always good if your host fixes your mistakes. It's something Rackspace have done for me from time to time, also.

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