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    Should you get paid when your job

    takes you out of town for a few days? They pay for the hotel food and supply the car but you only get paid for 8 hours and have to share a room with your boss!

    What do you think of that? You get takin away from home for 4 days but only get paid for 32 hours. Is that 32 hours of pay worth being away from home? I guess thats up to the one doing it.

    what are your thoughts?

    sharing a hotel room with your boss is know fun at all. You can't really be yourself around them because you want to impress them.

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    my thought on this is.........thats your job.

    do it or get fired....

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    If it's part of your job, it's part of your job.

    If sharing a room with your boss bothers you, ask them if you can have your own room.
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    Are you doing your job the whole time? Of course not.

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    I used to like getting the out of town homes to build. They paid me an amount to cover food, petrol, hotel etc. Had some great times out there staying in the pubs, especially if a few other trades are staying over too. The counter meals were great too. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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