I would appreciate some input.

I am looking for a 'regular' run of the mill hosting provider to use. I tend to deal with a number of 'small' business clients who have small websites as well as several organisations who have SMB sites. None of these sites have more than 300 mail users.

I have used Tera-Byte, CyberPixels, Xeran and ProHosting. CyberPixels has been ok, the use CPanel which I like - but they had a MAJOR outage a while ago with left me with some very unhappy customers. Xeran and ProHosting had terrible customer skills and were overly expensive. Tera-Byte is 'ok' but has gone gunghoo on the Ensim hosting platform which I dislike - it seems slow and unreliable. They also offer RaQ 4 hosting - but RaQ's have proven unstable and it seems the POP3 daemons fall over on the hour, every hour. Pain in the neck. I have had a look at PacketHost (www.packethost.com) - they 'look' good, BUT are they.

DOES anyone have a SMB host they can recommend or can anyone rate any of the above. I'm tired of 'trying' hosts. I would like to find a host which is both stable and mainstream.

Thanks for your input,