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    Creative Media & Online Solutions from

    Good evening WHT members,

    If you don't already know of me, my name is Jonathan "Encore" Nathanson and I am a freelance web and media designer.


    I have designed websites for numerous clients who have found me via WHT, and I am promoting my services today in order to further extend my portfolio.

    Typically, I charge in GBP per project, and payment is accepted via PayPal. I use proper documentation with projects, provided this is what the client wants.

    If you are a web host who needs a fresh look, or a budding entrepreneur with a great idea, I can certainly give you a head start.

    I can be contacted via any of the methods shown in my profile, or you may email / msn the following address:

    Email / MSN: [email protected]

    Thanks very much for reading,

    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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    Very nice design, redeyejedi!

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