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    Remote management, technical support and high demanding specialists

    We at Stream Service are experienced in managing servers, giving technical support and setting up servers for high demanding websites (this can be just 99,999% uptime or just a lot off traffic that has to be processed).

    What do we offer:

    - Server management for just 25 euro/month (keeping your server up to date, only available for webservers, not available for webservers with Plesk and/or CPanel)
    - Technical support for just 35 euro an hour (24/7 on request), we will find and suggest an solution for all software issues you have with your server. Also available for emergency requests!
    - High bandwith solutions: starting at 75 euro a month (prices on request, it depends on how difficult it is/how much time it takes)
    - HA (high availability) solutions: starting at 75 euro a month (at least 3 servers required)
    - Keeping your server online 24/7, when it goes offline we will solve the issue ASAP (hardware and/or network problems are not included). We will monitor your server (or certain services) 24/7 and will react within 1 hour (where possible within 5 minutes!)

    On request (email/telephone/pm/msn) we can also provide servers!

    Server management is available for:

    - Debian
    - Ubuntu

    Payment can be done with:
    - PayPal (including credit cards)
    - Bank transfer (to an account off us in the Netherlands)

    All services have to be prepaid. In some cases a part when the job done is possible (ask for it!).

    For all questions:
    - email: [email protected] (reaction within 10 hours)
    - tel: +316 4240 8602 (from 9:00-21:00 hours GMT)
    - msn: [email protected] (available 5 hous a day)
    - PM
    - This topic can be used for general questions.

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