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    Question How much am I worth?

    Hey All, I already have a job so this isn't really a request for employment but I think this is the most appropriate forum. I've been working for a datacenter/webhost for over 3 years now and I think I am due for a (significant, I hope) raise.

    I'm not real good at judging my own worth, though I do have an idea on what I think I deserve, I would really appreciate any relevant feedback on this.

    Brief overview:

    -As it stands I am the company's longest employee, when i was hired I was the /only/ datacenter/server tech. Now we have a few other employees(9-12 in the entire company) but I am still the only one that is dedicated solely to taking care of the datacenter and servers.
    -I am the most knowledgeable person in the entire company when it comes to linux. In my opinion I'm pretty darn good with it but I wouldn't consider my self a "super-guru"
    -I am doing anything from basic to advanced server builds to cabling, RAID setups. Firewall (PIX, ASA, netscreen), switch and basic router setups. Customer support and technical recommendations.
    -I Have trained all other employees (6 in total)

    Linux skills(for lack of a better word):
    -kernel compilation
    -basic to moderate bash, php, perl scripting
    -mrtg setup
    -Bind DNS
    -apache/mysql(some dual-master replication experience)
    -familiar with quirks of different distros (gentoo, centos, debian, BSD, suse, fedora)
    -LVM and linux software raid
    -VMware Server

    Windows Skills:
    -IIS 5/6
    -MSSQL(setup, not programming)
    -unattended install cd creation/slipstreaming
    -basic/moderate AD management

    -Previously a CCNA, its expired though (doh!)
    -Comfortable with PIX/ASA and Netscreen firewall setups. Graphical and CLI (my boss doesn't even know the commandline)
    -switching: managed switches catOS, IOS. VLANs, frame formats, STP, etc
    -Routing: IOS, adding IPs, RIP/EIGRP/OSPF, minimal BGP. general cisco router setup
    -subnetting: understand concepts and binary math, not just the patterns of the numbers

    I think that covers a lot of the basics. I would like feedback as to what other people in the industry think someone with my knowledge and experience is worth. Also, I'm in the seattle area if that changes anything. Right now I don't get any benefits and I'm making under $16/hr. I also work part time as I am a full time student, generally 25-30 hours a week.

    Any and all LEGIT feedback is muchly appreciated

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    based on your knowledge and the amount of experience you have, I'd said you would be more in the $30/hr range....

    If you know all that you know and you're good at troubleshooting, people skills, etc., that can add another $12-15/hr.

    Hope that helps....If you're still in school, don't worry. When you get out, you can go where ever you want to and get paid good money.

    Flexible work hours are nice while you're in shchool.


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    Considering your knowledge, I think about 25USD is a better hourly salary. Once you are finished at school and work fulltime, I think a loan of 30-40USD/hour is a reasonable salary (also depending on which education you are taking right now).

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    Hey Guys,

    I'd like to thank you both for your replies. I was thinking around $25/hr should be reasonable

    @Chavvon: yeah flexible hours rock while in school and they have been good about that.



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    I think it also depends on what part of the country you are in.

    Where are you located?

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    Yes Depending on your experience Id say you would be better off startnig your own host.
    Andrew Anderson
    Sales Manager

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