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    Dell Perferred Account - what's the deal?

    I got a letter from Dell today about their my "preapproved" Dell perferred account which i never apply for in the first place.

    I bought some PC and Laptop from Dell but i don't think i purchase enough for them to send me a invite for their perferred account.

    What's the deal with Dell Preferred Account? The letter said no initiation or annual fees, exclusive offers...etc.

    Is this like some kind of credit program with Dell? What's the real benefit for me?

    I figure there must be a lot of you buying Dell's ware and if you don't mind filling me the real deal with dell perferred account.


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    It's their consumer credit program. They usually have deals where you can get zero percent interest for one year on XPS laptops and desktops or zero percent for X months on cheaper stuff.

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