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    Takeover Offer LT 4TB 28usd/month

    I locked in a low monthly by paying high setup, I also got 500gb free bandwidth/month as a special promotion, I also got an extra 2TB bandwidth for life for a fixed setup fee (a one time only deal x2)

    server specs:

    2600 sempron
    1gb ram
    160gb drive
    100mbit port
    remote reboot port

    17.95 USD a month + 10$ for the 10-100mbit upgrade

    I currently have windows web on it for the regular price of 20USD/month but you can have it reinstalled to another free distro of linux for a fee of 50$ (one time)

    Located in the savvis DC

    " Q: Do you have a address we can 'PING' to test.
    A: Yes you can ping ' ' (Savvis DC)
    Q: Do you have a test file we can download.
    A: Yes please visit (Savvis DC)"

    their website is obviously

    Layeredtech servers normally come with 1500gb, their bandwidth upgrade options are as follows

    "1500GB BW to 3300GB BW(1) Upgrade from 1500GB BW to 3300GB BW 3300GB-BW(1) $100.00 1000GB BW Addition of 1000GB BW 1000GB-BW $125.00"

    So to get 4300gb (slightly more than my 4000) would cost you an extra 225$ a month (yes this is a ripoff I know )

    Transfer of server would be on the 29th of February. I'm not in any hurry to ditch the server (and if no offer seems reasonable I reserve the right to refuse all offers and keep the server for at least a few more months) and actually don't really want to part with it since it's such a great deal for me over 1 or 2 years. But everything is for sale at the right price

    Send offers to [email protected]

    Also note they will charge me 25$ to transfer ownership (one time)

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    48$ a month.:-)

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    unless you spend 50$ to get it back to 28...

    when I made the title I thought you could reinstall the os for free... but it hit me maybee not and I got on with live sales and asked and it turned out to be 50$

    edit: hence the edit in my origonal post (thats what I changed)

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    Or u could just keep win web.:-)

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    okay sorry for the confusfion... when I said send offers I meant in $$ as I"m trying to recoup some of the setup fees I've paid

    I didn't mean first person to email me just gets it

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    I pmed u some details ok please send me a message back really interested


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