I thought I would stop by and post my services. I am skilled and dedicated with designing sites, logos, presentations, business materials, intros, 3d, graphics, nearly anything in flash, etc. I have done work for companies, djs, small businesses, even personal sites. Some highlights are Dj Carboz site, DjShows.com intro, Larrys Services site, Hennsey Fabrics site, Gasper Watches site. Some projects I am currently working on are finishing up flash ad for Thuraya Account "Burgan Bank", based in Kuwait, that will be played inside the bank, I am in a group which is designing a Whitman's Candies beta site.

Basicly, I have a pretty good resume and some good experience and would be a good person to hire, consider it. I offer reasonable rates and treat each project individually. I just typed this all out, hopefully I didn't leave a lot out. Feel free to discuss what you want done by emailing me at [email protected] or Yahoo Messenger at K_A_L_L_O_K .