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    Voxel experiences

    Can anyone let me know their opinions on Voxel/Voxrox?

    I am specifically interested in hearing from people who have direct experience with them, not just "I've heard they're really good". Have you experienced many outages and how is support for you?

    Please also mention whether you have used / are using their managed or unmanaged option.

    If you don't want to share you opinion in public, please PM me.

    I have used the search but it's rarely clear whether people are using the managed or unmanaged service when they give their opinions.

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    I've heard they're really good, because we have been using Voxel for a few years now. We connect to their network in two different locations in NYC (111 8th Avenue and 25 Broadway). They have good routes, and I can't recall any outages. As far as I'm concerned, Voxel is the best tier-2 network in the NYC metro area.
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