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    Question Need Chicago VPS Please Help

    Hello everyone,

    For the past few days I was searcing for VPS in Chicago (for good gaming latancy). I'm really stuck now and I need to buy one right now to get my sites up. I was using startlogic before but don't even want to think about them and also they are not based in Chicago.

    I'm looking to do the following things.

    10+ websites (Not busy ones)

    Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers (2)
    20 Man Public Server
    12 Man Private Server

    I prefer Plesk as I was using it before.

    Don't need much space, what I'm looking probobly at least 512MB Ram and decent amount of bandwitch to support those 2 gaming servers. I know VPS is not the greatest idea fot this but 2 gaming servers should be fine i guess.

    I was looking at since their reviews are awesome and I'm intrested in their managed gold VPS package with free ram upgrade. Well what got stuck is that their website isn't that good and no phone number to contact, so thats why it made me to post this.

    I really don't know much about hosting, but since I found these forums I have to say I'm pretty amazed of how much more I know now

    So please suggest me with my best solutions and if this is workable what I'm saying?

    Please suggest me with any suggestions of what I'm trying to d her and recommend some great VPS providers in Chicago.

    I don't want to go more than $50/month of my budget.


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    I've had a VPS with Server Axis. Very reliable with a rock solid network, and their servers in Equinix Chicago.

    Edit, I just saw that you needed phone support, and I don't remember if they have a phone line. - Host on Cloudrck
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    Since memory and CPU go hand in hand with most all VPS providers, I would suggest atleast 1GB of RAM if you are going to be hosting two game servers and web sites. Otherwise you are going to be running out of CPU power.

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    I got in hold with futurehosting and i purchased VPS with 512RAM. I can upgrade later on if need but first i really want to check if everything is going to work properly. I'll write a review here.

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    I`m also looking for a Chicago based VPS (prefer semi-managed cPanel). Any other companies with a DC in Chicago?

    So far I`ve come up with Steadfast, Hostforweb, Wiredtree and Futurehost.

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    Hi, I can only think about plus the providers you listed. Good luck.
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    The latency drop you gain by your host being in Chicago might be compromised by other CPU hungry VPS on the hosting node. So, please apply caution. I am unable to suggest that you buy a VPS for a while and try it, since you have no control over CPU issues. The load may increase as VPSs are added and you won't have a clue about when that is about to happen. I think the best way is to ask people who have hosted game servers on VPSs for feedback. So, anyone?
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    1,765 is great and have servers in Chicago

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolarVPS View Post
    Future Hosting is great. We use a VPS from them in their Chicago DC for monitoring and it performs well and is stable.
    Ill second that!
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  11. #11 - Best company that have ever hosted me. Downtown Chicago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nimbar View Post
    Hi, I can only think about plus the providers you listed. Good luck.
    I looked into them, I think those plans are unmanaged. I need some level of support, which is why semi-managed is better for my needs. I checked out their managed plans at but they do not offer cPanel with those.

    Futurehost looks interesting, will take a closer look at them.

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    +1 for WiredTree but I am not convinced that a VPS is the best idea for a game server. Why not signup for a game server with a gaming company like They specialize in game servers and have datacenters all over the country. prices are cheap as well. Then you can get a small shared hosting account for your websites.

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