WARP3 and Public-Servers.com offers you several DNS and domain services:

Fully free DNS zone management
  • Incl. PTR and IPV6 records
  • URL Forwarding (standard and frame forward)
  • Email redirection (incl. Virus Scanning and basic spam filterting)
  • Web based interface.
  • Operating on multiple nameservers
  • User designable DNS templates

Domain Grabber
Allows you to try and re-register newly dropped names.

Domain Tracker
View lists of soon to expire, and expired, domains.

Domain Guard
Be notified by mail when a domein (or domains) are to expire in x days.

Secondary DNS
Have your own primary DNS equipped with an automatic slave/secondary DNS server.

FallBack MX
Add a second MX record to your DNZ zone pointing to our mailserver and it will be deliverd to your
own primary MX server after it comes back after unplanned outage.