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    * Dedicated server - worth upgrading?


    I currently have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2Ghz with 2Gb Memory.

    I have the option of upgrading to a Xeon X3220 Quad-Core also with 2Gb Memory.

    Similar monthly cost.

    My question is, is it worth it? How much better is the Xeon? Twice as good? I realise this is a 'how long is a piece of string' type question but I'm after ball park figures opinions please.

    My environment is typical LAMP serving one main site with a busy forum.

    Thank you!!

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    The upgrade CPU wise is pretty significant, if the prices are similar, I would definitely go for it. Just make sure you realize though that there are a lot of inconveniences when switching from one server to another.

    Speaking strictly from CPU performance, I would guess yea, probably twice as good. Maybe even a little more than that. The X3220 is a pretty strong CPU. Make sure though if you're upgrading because of current performance issues, that you are also considering your current RAM usage and disk I/O speed.

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    Whats the difference in the price between both? If its very small, the extra 2 cores may come in handy if you have high loads, it will let you grow. I suggest you get quad core.

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    Thanks for your comments, the price is actually marginally cheaper for the X3220.

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    Wow! I would get the quad core then, the moving part is a bit difficult if you haven't done it and the support is giving you a hard time, heh. Hopefully you can do it with little to no downtime.

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    The move shouldn't be too difficult, being that you have only a couple of sites. Just setup the new server in a similar way, and be sure to backup. - Host on Cloudrck
    Unmetered VPS Solutions at it's finest

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    Yep I agree, the Quad Core it's really better than what you have now
    And for similar price...:O Go ahead man!

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    It definitely worths. Xeon is a server process. Athlon is made to power PC. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is whether or not the datacenter the server is in is the same or changing to a new one, also what about the bandwidth providers?

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    The first thing you should ask yourself is, "Do I need to upgrade?" You'll always be able to find a better deal somewhere, if you look long enough, but whether or not you need to upgrade should really be the deciding factor. If your current server has met your requirements, continues to meet your requirements now, and as best as you can see will meet your requirements in the future, there's no point in having to move everything to a new box and possibly encounter new difficulties or cause more problems.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dawhb View Post
    It definitely worths. Xeon is a server process. Athlon is made to power PC.
    The X3220 is just a Q6600, nothing and 100% nothing is different from the Q6600.... just the box and the print on the IHS. So in simple words: It's a desktop CPU with the name of a server CPU.
    Just like the Xeon 3040 = E6300, Xeon 3050 = E6400, Xeon 3060 = E6600 and there are many more examples.

    To the TS:
    That X3220 will just blast the X2 3800+ away. Basically the x2 3800+ runs on 2GHz, the X2 6000+ runs on 3.0GHz.... The x2 6000+ gets outrun by an E6600, the X3220 is 2 E6600s in 1 CPU. So you will have more speed & double the power of the speed.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    One is hosted at the Telstra London Hosting Centre (Docklands) and the other is Telecity Redbus Docklands

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