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    How Is IX WebHosting?

    I want build many sites.

    Should i but many Ips?

    Or One ip enough?

    I know dreamhost ask extra money for Unique IP: +$3.95/mo

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    Corleniet, you don't necessarily need an Unique IP to host websites.

    An "Unique IP" (also known as a dedicated or static IP) is usually only necessary if you need an SSL Certificate to view your website over a secure and encrypted connection.
    Only websites that work with sensitive data (like bank transactions) need a SSL Certificate to make sure nobody is stealing the data while it's being transferred from your browser to the website server.

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    I think, my points would be helpful for your query.

    Corleniet, you can have static IP as well as shared IP (one IP for all sites). There are two main advantage in using Static IP.

    * Static IP address is that you can only use SSL encryption (the stuff that makes e-commerce happen) on a static IP address. In order for a person to transmit sensitive data over the internet at times this data must be encrypted to prevent someone from intercepting the information. You can only use this encryption (called SSL) when the web site has its own IP address (static IP). It doesnít work on a shared IP. So when a website takes an order with a personís credit card it needs to encrypt this data and it uses SSL with its static IP.

    * The site should have a static IP address in order to handle the anonymous ftp transfer.

    I think other than these two reasons there is no need for a site to have its own IP address.

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    thank you very much

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    Is the OP interested in IX web hosting...?

    -- If so, do a search here for that name and see what comes up.

    Web Hosting Reviews ó based on real customer feedback
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    I think, mainly the need of an ip address will come if you have dedicated hosting. I don't know which hosting you are looking now. As in the case of dedicated service, IP address is an important one.

    If you have hosted your sites on any dedicated IP address then its location never change. But all hosting provider do not offer dedicated IP because it is costly and it is not available easily so it is not offered by all hosting providers.

    I don't have any direct experiances with IX hosting, though I could see some mixed reviews about them. Their offer sites seems to be good. Prices are not big one. Its an avarge price.
    If you wish to know more about them , you should directly conact them online. Give all of your questions, more about technical support, if you get initial responds and satisfaction you may sign up wth them.

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    here is really good place!

    I made right decision haha

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    I have a client who uses IX Web Hosting. Their control panel is definitely not the easiest to use. Their support is quick to answer, but doesn't seem to be supportive. They have those plans where they provide static IP addresses, but like the others said, you might not need static IP addresses. When I talked with them, they were currently using PHP 4 and I asked them to upgrade to PHP 5 or move me to a PHP 5 server, but they completely refused and said I need to rewrite my code. I asked if they could make simple adjustments to the server, but they refused that as well. They didn't seem very knowledgeable, either.

    I think I've seen mixed reviews about them here. I had my client sign up with downtownhost because I know they have excellent support and good prices.

    I hope you make a good choice in your web host.

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    When I talked with them, they were currently using PHP 4 and I asked them to upgrade to PHP 5 or move me to a PHP 5 server, but they completely refused and said I need to rewrite my code.
    Interesting approach, especially as PHP 4 is getting near to its end of life, so sooner rather than later, they, as the vast majority of hosts, will have to switch to PHP 5.

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    IX Webhosting control panel is not very easy to use, but the price is attractive if you want many IPs. Have used it since March 2007, for a few small sites, no problems so far

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