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    Looking for good Co-Location Part2

    Wow, you guys had some great responses at my last post. In the last post I received a lot of information that I will find useful. The reason I'm posting part 2 is because I'm going to list a couple more specifics of what I want, and maybe people will be able to help me better find what I'm looking for.

    My budget is around $400-500/monthly. Right now I have a deal with a place in NJ that allows me to have 4mbit/month for $400. This is a perfect package I have, and my average ping for them is around 40-50 to their data center where I'm located in Cincinnati, OH and they are located in New Yark, NJ. However they are constantly moving so I'm looking for someone more stable.

    I would require 3mbit or more for my price range ($300-500) monthly. I would also prefer if the data center/co-location provider was located in eastern or central united states, as location is a key for me. Pings must average from 30-60 from cable/dsl isp's located in east and central part of United States. Finally, one of my last requests is to have around 30-50 ip's included to get me started.

    If things go well with my first server (test server) that I send out, I'll plan on sending several more after that.

    Ok guys, I thank you in advance for your responses, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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    You want Cogent with that?

    $450/$500 month won't buy you quality 4mbit's of bandwidth plus rackspace. POSSIBLY.. Verio, Aleron, or (Definitly) Cogent.

    Just a little advice...

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    You can get 10mbit cogent for about $400 from a few places, but your pings are not going to be 40-50

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    Eric, can you list a few of those places that offer the 10mbit for about 400 that go though cogent? Thanks.

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    Pegasus are in NJ, I recommend you check them out.

    Not sure if they'll do $100 / Mbit though. Wish they did for us
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