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Thread: Spammer Alert!

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    * Spammer Alert!

    Just got an email from "[email protected]"

    I guess they think that if they use their form that it is not SPAM.

    It looks like they used the form to hit a listserv.

    The funny thing is that they tell their users not to spam.

    Policies and Guidelines

    Spamming, or the sending of unsolicited e-mail including, without limitation, commercial advertising and informational announcements, from an OnTimeHost server or using an e-mail address or domain that is maintained on an OnTimeHost machine as reference is STRICTLY prohibited. OnTimeHost will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. A user shall not use another site's mail server to relay mail without the express permission of the site. OnTimeHost will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of these provisions.

    They do list phone numbers and AIM and ICQ numbers.

    They will be getting a CALL BACK!


    Dale Crow
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    Yeah, I just recieved that one as well.

    A traceroute shows that they are at

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    I hate these people

    I usually send them an email (if its not crap) with the word F$%# OFF in the largest font I can get outta my mail app and in red.

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    We all need to push this issue!
    Dale Crow
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    Replying to spam is a mistake.
    Just have it bounce back and they will think your e mail is a bad or closed account.

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    How do you make it bounce back if you use webmail? I know it might sound silly, but is there a way?
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    **** spam grrr

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    Originally posted by
    **** spam grrr
    i 2nd that

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    I am posting this message because I need some help from all the anti-spammers out there.
    Recently my 14 year old son received a message which contained a link to the website, his email account is with hotmail and has all sorts of filters in it.
    The message still reached his inbox and smart ass that he is, he successfully bought a carton of Cigarettes online using my ID,
    Needless to say he has gotten what he deserved, I am pursuing legal action against spammers and my attorney informs me I need 10,00 Domain names that are active and reported to be in spam emails, I have already gotten a list of over 900 from Spam Cop and Spamhaus, I need the help of all anti spammers to email me any domain name that is Included in spam that they receive, please do not email me IP addressess as that does not help, I need spammers Domains preferably active websites, all the domains submitted will be verified with over 5 anti spam agencies before they will be submitted to my attorney.
    You can email me the list at [email protected]

    Please help

    Thank you
    John Nev

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