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    USB Data Protection !!

    Hello All,
    I want to know, is there are method to safe my USB data from Server Admin, Actually I use my USB in college & Lab Admin, copy my all data of USB, Is there are any software or protection for protecting USB from Server etc ?

    I have tried software " Password Protect USB" but it create password only on folders & also If another computer don't have this software I cannot remove password on my folders to see them,

    Is it possible to create password on full USB & everytime, when someone open USB drive it ask for Password?

    Please help me, I am in trouble.

    Hope someone will reply!
    Take Care (Sorry for some bad english)!

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    You can use a product like truecrypt (which can run from the usb drive) to create encrypted folders. On the drive it looks like a single file, when unencrypted and mounted it becomes a virtual drive.

    This may not protect your data from your server admin however.
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    Yup, TrueCrypt's definitely a good idea. You could put the TrueCrypt installer onto the USB drive and use the remaining space to create a TrueCrypt container; then on each PC you use it on, you could install TrueCrypt, then mount the file. I've used TrueCrypt on USB drives for years without a hitch. However, once it's mounted, the SysAdmin may be able to get access to it, depending on how the system is configured.

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    I have an excellent software comes with my 4GB USB.
    It's Flash Voyager (Corsair)

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    Quote Originally Posted by elagizy View Post
    I have an excellent software comes with my 4GB USB.
    It's Flash Voyager (Corsair)
    Its not free though...
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