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    90 Great Customers for sale.

    Hello everyone.

    I am burnt out on the hosting industry, so I am trying to sell all the clients I have aquired. I currently have 90 clients. Paying anywhere inbetween $10-$100/month. I am a CPANEL/WHM provider, who offers regular shared hosting, along with bulk reseller plans. Monthly revenue is set at around $1300/month.
    The company I own, that shall remain nameless for the time being, does truly have a good reputation, and a great customer retention rate. In this deal, I will also offer the companys online presence (Website/Domain-Name) in the deal. Which has good traffic. And gets normally a few signups per week.

    All clients are hosted on Quality, fast bandwidth. They are on Redhat 7.3 Boxes with CPANEL/WHM Installed.

    If this sound interesting to you, you can ICQ me at 138708224, or PM me, asking me to contact you somehow.

    I am currently accepting all decent offers.

    TERMS: Money must be paid upfront.


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    Can you email me?

    Hi Jason,

    We have just started, and are finding it difficult to attract clientele, as i am sure you are aware of the dificulty in starting a hosting company which has so many competitors.

    I would be interested in what you are looking in exchage for the opportunity in hosting your clients..

    We are hosting on redhat 7.2 machines, with plesk control panels....

    You can contact me on [email protected], i look forward to hearing from you

    John Henderson

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    Did you sell them yet?

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    Is this still available?
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