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    what is so special about H-Sphere

    May i know is H-Sphere a control panel? is it good if compared to the rest??

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    Run a search on the topic. There have been dozens of these exact same posts in the last 2 weeks. No since in having yet another thread where everyone can argue.

    I will say that hsphere is a great product.
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    Its more than a control panel. Its a complete web hosting system. Not only does it have more available options and customization than any panel available today it also includes a complete set of back end hosting tools: billing manager, support desk, a slew of reports, multi operating system compatibility and fantastic support from psoft.

    I would highly recommend it if you are thinking of changing your operations or getting into hosting.
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    Is there any good reseller hosting provider give H-Sphere?
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    Would the H-Sphere hosts supplying reseller plans please post!

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    I'm just starting to working with H-SPHERE and I think that it's reaaly a great CP.
    Not easy to understand at the first approach but very complete with a lot of features.
    if you need a reseller plan come on
    Very good plans with a very good assistance by Tracy (he is a man !!!)

    he will answer you as soon he .... wake up!!!
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    The two I know of are and .
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    Technically we're not allowed to advertise here but I don't think it would be a problem if I said we use H Sphere and offer reseller plans.

    Mods please let me know. Thanks
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    I suggest looking at Computer Advatages - CAI . I have had an account for almost a year now, with little downtime and great customer support.

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    for NO Downtime and Great support -

    you'll thank yourself for your decision later...
    as i do..

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    By little I mean hours spread out over a year. All host will have some downtime due NOC, network, server, etc problems. Also they are very good at woring with resellers.

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