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    Question VPS for direct hosting of anime?

    I tried searching around but it seems that there's not much topics going around, probably because "watch online" niches are more popular now.

    I'm looking for VPS plans that allow direct hosting of unlicensed anime hosting. I know there's not much difference between unlicensed and licensed but from what I know, unlicensed is less likely to get into trouble(s)..

    My search end up mostly with fdcservers which I find pretty costly for a start. I'm looking at around 15-30GB disk space for the first month and more eventually if I decide to expand. Reliability is a must since switching host means I have to re-upload everything onto the new server again.

    I realize that most VPS plan doesn't come with cPanel free and since I've only use shared hosting before, how does one navigate around? (Email setup, upload files, etc)

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    If you're a shared hosting user, you definitely need a control panel. cPanel on average is around $10 /month additional. You might want to check out DirectAdmin which is $5 /month in most places. It's a very nice control panel. You're also going to need a lot of bandwidth to download those large files often.

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    What do you mean by "If you're a shared hosting user"? Is it possible to build up the site without a control panel? I probably won't be worrying about bandwidth because when I do, it's time for upgrades

    Do you have any suggestion on any host with VPS plan that allow direct hosting of unlicensed anime? On a side note, what does fairshare on your hosting plan means?

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