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    help on Running a home server pls

    hi sorry if ive posted this in teh wrong section

    im going to be setting up a basic linux server in my home to host a small family website, i plan to use centos or debian, but was wondering what other things would i need to get my server online, could yous please give me some advice


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    This is in the wrong section, should be in the general web hosting forum or the dedicated server forum I think. I'm sure a mod will move it so you get more results.

    If you want people to be able to access the site from the internet rather than your home network then you will need a pertinent internet and preferably a static IP address. You'll also need a domain name (if you have a dynamic IP then you'll need to sign up with a service like dyndns).

    Hope this gives you something to start with.

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    You also need:
    - domain name
    - connection to the Internet with either static or dynamic IP address (ask your ISP, static is better but it may cost additional fee)
    - external DNS server for use with static IP (ask ISP or use free at or similar)
    - dynamic DNS services for use with dynamic IP ( or similar)
    - properly set up router to forward ports to your server, especially if you want to go with FTP server (it requires port range mapping)
    - at least free account from my signature to monitor your server's availability

    If you just want to run a small family website, consider a shared hosting plan, it will cost less money, time and nerves. But if you want to learn the stuff, setting up home server is a good point to start.

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    hiya thanks for the input so far i current have the domain name and i intend to purchase a static ip from my isp over the next few days

    could yous please explain more of external & dynamic dns please so i can get a better understading of it

    thank you in advance

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    Most residential ISPs don't allow web servers to be run on their networks. It would be a good idea to review your ISPs terms of service before running a web server on your residential internet access.
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    I would feel that it would better in the Technical Forum. Moved.

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    you could also instead of using the server form your home, look on like freewebhostingtalk. They have some free Hosts that are great. I recomend for a free host.

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    If you really want to do this, will tell you all you need to know. But if you're doing it to save money then be aware that a hosting plan could easily work out cheaper and give you better reliability for much less work.

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