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    More Terminal Server Woes

    I have scoured the internet for a tutorial on this, but have not found the solution. Perhaps I am just using the wrong keywords.

    I have a Windows server 2003 Standard machine. I have other machines on the lan, and some over the internet that need to connect into a session on this server for remote desktop. I would like to set up these terminal computers so that when you start them up, you get the username and login screen.

    I have read articles on how to make it so winXP's RDP client opens instead of explorer on boot, and also installing linux thinClient managers, but neither is what I am looking for.

    All I want is for the terminal server connection to be made when the remote is powered on, have the username/password prompt on the server come up, and then when they are done and log off, it returns to the username/password screen (the connection to the server is not terminated).

    Thanks for reading.

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    I believe you will have to do that through custom scripts or you could use true thin client hardware/software.

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    What you are describing is not a terminal server issue but rather a windows xp issue. You want the RDP client to autorun on startup and relaunch if shut down. The autolaunch is easy, you can use the startup folder or even place it in the registry. You'll need some sort of script to monitor if RDP is running and to launch it if it stops.
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