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    * ServeraSuite 2007 Special Offer....extended...only $20.08!!

    We have been asked quite a few times, if we could repeat our New Year's promotional offer for those that missed the first and second time.

    Initially, we were very reluctant to do this the third time around, but have decided to extend the offer a third and final time for those that did not get to purchase.

    At the moment, we had been running a overstock promotion for a remaining 5 licenses. So, for this offer, we have doubled that quota, and are offering only 10 licenses for the new year price of only $20.08!! (regular $89.99 value)

    We’re also throwing in Servera StatSync™ for one year absolutely FREE for anyone who orders within the next 24 hours!! (normally $5.99/month)

    ServeraSuite 2007 Features
    • Unlimited Server Groups
    • Unlimited Custom Port Monitors
    • Custom SSH Port Setting
    • SMTP Email Settings
    • Server Load Monitoring
    • Monitor Top 5 Running Processes
    • Minimizes to Windows Task Tray
    • Popup Notification
    • Tiered Email Notification
    • Voice & Sound Notification
    • Separate Address Book for each Server Group
    • Integrates with Servera StatSync
    • Event Log
    • Event Log Archive
    • Custom Email Templates for each level of notification
    • Restart Services and Servers
    • Custom Restart commands for each port monitor
    • FREE Upgrades
    • Check for Upgrades and Upgrade from within ServeraSuite
    • DOES NOT require server-side scripts or 3rd party hosting

    Servera StatSync Features
    • Generate Dynamic Uptime Buttons for your site
    • Display your uptime stats and chart from your site
    • Your site is monitored 24/7/365 regardless of whether ServeraSuite is running.

    For more information & screenshots:
    Please visit the ServeraSuite 2007 product page at:

    Coupon Code:

    Order Today:

    As always, we look forward to welcoming you to the avidInteractive family!!
    Mark - Owner/Lead Designer
    Lead vocalist for Circle7: Circle7 on MTV

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    Does it matter?
    Hello Mark,

    Nice Software. I have a copywith me. I have opened a ticket a week back. I'm surprised to see no answer yet. Could you please check? (i've observed we didnt get the confirmation via e-mail too)

    However, I would say the software is very useful, I Suggest everyone to have a shot at it


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    Coupon is expired.
    Any new coupon?

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