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    Moving accounts from Ensim to Cpanel


    I have had enough of using ensim 3.1 server and want to move to a new cpanel server. Could someone please help me as I was wanting to know if I could get a program to move all the domains and there settings (particuly email settings). If not a program of this sort, would you know of any company or person that would do this for me for a reasonable charge.. I have about 40 domains I need to move. I don't want to put my users through a lot of stress as we recently moved. So I would love it if all sites could be moved in one go and then change my nameserver over..



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    I have done this before but it must be done one by one manually.

    Also I dont't think we can do anything about email accounts. You need to create them with a default password and then ask your users to change it themselves.


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