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    [ESX3] How many VM's on one server?


    I want to know how many webservers i can install as a virtual machine on a WMware ESX3 server.

    The most of the webservers are Pentium IV 2.8 with 1GB RAM.
    The load is never higher than 1. On each server are max 200 websites (very small sites, no database driven)

    The ESX server is a Intel Xeon Quadcore Q5530 (2.6Ghz) with 16GB RAM.

    I know it is not possible to say the correct answer but maybe here are some people who have some experience with this.

    Can i install between x an 10 vm's on this machine or between 10 and 20.

    Best regards,


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    10 and 20 at least with 16GB of RAM

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    Ahh' UnderPants
    I believe you can easily sell 40 guaranteed 512 MB RAM VMs easily.

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    (Where did I read this topic before Ron? )

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