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    Anyone tried


    I'm using PayPal and it's very uncomfortable, so I was looking into other CC processors. One good choice (as it seems) came up under the name of ProPay (

    They have very low rates but I do not know if they are reliable???

    Anyone who's used them, please give some feedback.

    Thanks a lot.


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    I have used them for about 150 transactions. They have excellent customer service. I daresay, the best service I have received from an online company. The site is sometimes slow but things work.

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    Yes I agree Propay is easy to use and they are reliable.

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    i use them now and have no complaints

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    Hrmmm... Im new to CC processing, but 3.5% +$.35 seems a lil hefty, is it just me or?

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    propay sounds good

    too bad it's only for americans.... but they will be accepting canadians soon.

    here is a conversation i had with the live chat person

    David: How may I help you today?
    clocker: hi
    clocker: are you familar with paypal?
    clocker: or know how it works and all?
    David: Yes, somewhat familiar.
    clocker: do you understand that you can accept money from paypal users, and KEEP a balance on your paypal account?
    clocker: e.g. right now i have $500 in my paypal account. so when i login i have $500 in "paypal money" -- to make this "real money" i have to withdraw this to my bank account
    clocker: you know what i'm saying?
    David: Yes, I understand.
    clocker: and yes, i am getting to the point, but i would like to know you understand what im saying first
    clocker: ok
    clocker: Is propay like that too? Where you can accept money, from other propay users, and keep a balance?
    clocker: and send money out, etc
    clocker: just like paypal
    clocker: or is propay more like a thing
    clocker: third party cc processor
    David: Yes, that is correct. However, you also have the ability to simply process your customer's credit card. They are not required to have an account to be able to pay you.
    clocker: Ohh
    David: We're different in that we're not a third party processor.
    clocker: okay, do you konw what 2check out is?
    David: I'm not too familiar with that service, no.
    clocker: ok
    clocker: So you're saying, with propay, i can setup a "form" of some sort, where people can fill in their CC details
    clocker: and when they finish
    clocker: if the charge goes through
    clocker: the money gets added to my propay balance
    clocker: ?
    David: Yes, that's correct- If you are using the XML service (currently the only method of website integration that we have available is the XML service). The XML service is actually designed to work with shopping cart software.
    clocker: hm i see
    clocker: so if i sign up with propay
    clocker: and my friend signs up for instance
    clocker: and i have a balance of $3
    clocker: and he has a balance of $100
    clocker: he can take off $50 of his "propay money" and send it to me. and that will be added to my balance of $3
    clocker: totaling 53.
    clocker: Yes?
    clocker: yes as in, it works that way too, right?
    David: Yes, that's correct. These types of transfers are instant, and there is no fee to transfer money between ProPay accounts.
    clocker: awesome
    clocker: Sounds wonderful
    clocker: hmm.
    clocker: I live in canada. Windsor Ontario to be exact. Can canadian users sign up for propay
    clocker: or is it american only?
    David: Because of the security requirements that ProPay has, all applicants must have a US social security number and a checking account in a US bank. We are working to expand to international customers, but that won't be available for some time. However, we are just concluding an agreement with a large Canadian bank that will enable us to offer our services to Canadians later this year.
    clocker: aw
    clocker: well ill be signing up when you guys are accepting canadian users
    clocker: hehe
    clocker: well thanks for your time. you were very helpful
    clocker: bye

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    SOunds good but I'm sure its gonna take a while for them to figure out europe. so no good for me!
    Nemonics Network

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    My suggestion: (we use them) , (a new one similar to paypal) but there are some more out there like ,, etc.

    Don't take as suggestion the support is terrible

    Barbara Moore

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    i was signing up with anypay

    then i clicked on the "Terms of service" or whatever link - before hitting submit.

    Terms of use.

    Since we are a german company, our terms are in german, too. A translation of these terms will be available soon.
    However, it is a legal fact and requirement that our german terms remain the ultimate terms of use that our operation, rights and responsibilities are legally based on.

    i have no idea what any of it says!

    i wont paste it, but its weird

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