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    Lightbulb Selling vBulletin Owned License

    I ordered this license back in Dec 2006, I no longer have an use for it. I have renewed the license today in order to sell it, so the license expires Feb 16, 2009 (originally expired sometime in Dec 2007).

    Starting Bid: $80
    Buy It Now: $120

    No BIN after first bid.

    Auction will end: Feb 28 2008 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM GMT -8 PST)

    Payment via PayPal only.
    Will PM after Buy It Now or Highest Bidder after auction close.

    Verification pending, I have sent a ticket (RHS-91240).
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    I'll start: $80 if it's verified.
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    This license has been confirmed to be active and eligible for transfer. Good luck with the sale.

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    Verification is no longer pending, I cannot update post #1 to reflect this.

    Buy It Now is also no longer available, since a bid has been placed.

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    My bid $90
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    $100 from me
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    I've made an error in the Auction close, it's supposed to end Feb 23, not Feb 28. Sorry for the mistake.

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    $110 from me.

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    This is an update.

    Current highest bidder is ZeroCapacity for $110.

    Auction ends in approx. less than 3 days.

    I will PM highest bidder at auction close.

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    Auction ends today at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM GMT -8 PST) (2 hours 32 minutes left).

    Highest bidder is currently ZeroCapacity for $110

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    Auction is now closed.

    I have sent a PM to ZeroCapacity, the highest bidder.

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    Payment Sent Waiting on you bro.
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    I have sent a ticket to Jelsoft to initiate the transfer.

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    Transaction went smooth Thanks bro.
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