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    Installing Xen on CentOS with SATA?

    I've got a 'virgin' machine from Nocster running CentOS 5, including a SATA drive (shows up as "SCSI").

    It looks like it'll be a straight-forward install (, but I wondered if anyone has had this exact combination before and if there are any problems I should expect? Given that it's a dedicated machine I don't have physical access to, I'm slightly paranoid about screwing up.

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    There isn't any problem with doing so. Any modern kernel (including a Xen kernel) will have support for most SATA chipsets. If you're booted up into CentOS now, you'll most likely be able to boot with a Xen kernel.
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    Do you know what the motherboard is, and what the SATA drivers are for it. It could be that its not standard in the XEN Kernel you download.

    That way you could at least check the compatability.

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