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    What's our average admin age group?

    I've been lurking around WHT for a while now and have seen posts from people in their middle teens to mid 40s running a sucessful hosting company but what age range does the hosting savy majority come from?

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    Kids. They think nothing happens after thirty. 30+ is an awfully large range. Its been a long time since I've seen 30 and quite a bit has happened since then.

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    Well, I'm almost 18.

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    I'll be 41 in a couple of weeks.

    30+ is far too big a range - and I'm mildly insulted that I'm lumped in with those who could have been alive during the first world war.

    Although I suppose its possible that 80+ year olds may be web hosters and programmer uber-geeks.
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    sorry, ignorance on my part.
    I think the poll is more along the lines of High schooler vs College crew
    vs Just out of college vs Family person

    As we know Hosting is a tricky thing. It takes a lot of time and *sometimes* there's not enough money in it to be worth the same as a full time job. Would be nice to see if running a hosting biz works for the busy college crew or techy savy grads or supports the experienced family man or is dominated by the curious high school folk

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    You forgot the -16 group...
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    Maybe this poll should be deleted and recreated more correctly. As mentioned above, there is no poll for people under the age 16 and 30+ is a very big range!

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    I am 26. My team's average age might be 24 or 25...
    But I have seen many cool tech guys between 30 and 45...
    Generally they have seen a lot of the world so they can deal with customers better than just people with good tech knowledge.
    However, I say that more than the age the number of years in this business is a better benchmark.... An 18 year old with over 5 years experience is better than a 45 year old with 1 year experience and vice-versa... Just my opinion...

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    Im 29, and I have worked with both the older and the younger groups..

    What I have found, working with younger people/people under 21/18 and such tend to be a real pain/not worth the cheap prices..

    I really hate to say that and im sure its going to cause alot of flaming but its just true..

    Most of the younger people I have dealt with do not fully have the concept of work responsibility down, You tend to have to hound them to get work done/keep them on track.

    How many 14-15 year olds do you know that have had time to learn about pride of there work.. Most teenages flip burgers for money and don't enjoy it, They are there so they can buy a car thats it.

    The ones that are doing tech work, have prob never held a real job in there life.. They are smart sure, I will give most of them that but they just have not grown up enough to take a job seriously.

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