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    All-In-One Apache


    Do you see anything wrong with using mod_perl to turn apache into a "all-in-one" server (handle email, ftp and web requests all with Apache).

    Does this idea interest anyone? I've been thinking about doing this myself and can't think of anything bad. It would run on any OS that supports Apache, which is obviously a stable server and it would be a lot easier to manage virtual accounts and logs.

    Any thoughts? Has anyone else tried anything like this?

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    So if apache goes down all the services go down as well?

    I think it's easier to handle different pieces of software.

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    Well you do have a point about apache going down, but in all the years of using apache it has never gone down once for me. I trust apache more then any other piece of software for reliability.

    Why do you think it would be easier to handle different pieces of software instead of forming one standard for all services, and only having to update one piece of software.

    Thanks for you comments.

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    Also I forgot to mention that you could run each service on it's own using apache by simply creating seperate config files for each service. So the "one goes down they all go down" comment is taken care of.

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    Why use mod_perl w/ Apache, when you could write a Perl daemon?

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    Well because apache has already taken care of connections, threads and all that stuff. Also, it is a well trusted server.

    All mod_perl would be for is to code filters for each service.

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