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    Unhappy PhpBB & Database Help...

    I'm having some trouble with installing phpbb. I dont know barely anything about databases. Our forum was previously on another host & domain, so we took the files & put them on (my host), so that we can transfer the board. But i keep getting a error "cannot connect with database"

    You can see the error here:

    I contacted the host and they said the database is already set up...does anyone have any ideas...

    P.s: i hope i put this in the right forum....

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    Did you set the database name, database user, and password on the configuration file of phpbb?
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    also the original forum is here:

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    where is the configurationf ile located? the config file was on the admin panel of the original board...should i have edited it before i transfered? cause it seems even access the control on the new DB.

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    Also is it possibly because the forum is located in.....this directory of my domain:


    there is also a one called

    should i like make one called:
    home/theugl/var/www/php ?????

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    ok i found a config.php in the forums folder....i edited to this:


    // phpBB 2.x auto-generated config file
    // Do not change anything in this file!

    $dbms = "mysql";

    $dbhost = "localhost";
    $dbname = "theugl_net";
    $dbuser = "MyUserName";
    $dbpasswd = "MyPassword";

    $table_prefix = "phpbb_";

    define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true);


    Yet it still doesnt work....

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    This oddly happened to one of my sites and I ended up just copying a config.php from another site and editing it and it seemed to work. You might want to download the old config.php and try that..... I have no clue why it did not work and it is still a mystery but that did fix the issue by getting another copy of config.php. Also triplecheck all permissions.

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    do u happen to know what i should Chmod, and what i shouldnt....and to what level

    also, i did copy the config from the old file, but edited to fit the new one.....still no work *sniffle*

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    Um i talked to you over aim..Im guessing that what i said helped: install phpbb2.0.1, import your database, then upgrade the board to phpbb2.0.2 .

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