Are you tired of fighting spam yourself? Tired of having your servers slow down to a crawl running Spam Assassin? Are you at the point where you just don't want to mess with spam anymore?

Then let us do it for you.

Junk Email Filter is a front end spam filtering service. You point the MX records for your domains to us. The email from the Internet comes to us first, we clean it, and we pass it back to your server, less the spam.

Internet -> Junk Email Filter -> Your mail server

Unlike other spam filtering companies we don't charge by the number of domains or the number of email accounts you have. We charge by the number of good email messages we forward to you. You can resell the service to your customers for whatever you want.

We are not just another SpamAssassin house. We have the most accurate spam filtering service on the planet. Our tricks focus mostly on the behavior of the spammer rather than the content of the email. You can read how it works here:

Because of our efficiency our prices are far lower than anyone else. We charge based on the number of good email message we forward, not the number of domains or email accounts you have. If you have 100 low traffic domains it could cost you as little as $100/month.

We can do a better job for less money than you can do it yourself so save money and make the spam go away. It only takes a few minutes to set up. It's just a matter of changing MX records. No software to install, no disruption in service. It just works. We also provide backup storage for your email should your email server go down.