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    Script Selling Site? Tips?


    I currently own a script selling site which is an online game I made.
    I have had the same site for almost 2 years now with minor changes every few months.
    I wonder if any of you have any experience in script/software selling...

    What are the important things?
    How should the features page be organized? Should i include ALL features? Should it include images or a live demo? Or both?
    How should the front page look like?
    Where and how should i integrate any testimonials?

    Any tips will be welcome and i hope this thread will help many fellow script/software sellers.

    Thank you!

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    I'd want to know all the features, but list them in an order which puts the most important first. Explain what they mean if it's not obvious.

    I'd want images and a live demo. Put testimonials on a testi' page.
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