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    For sell advertisment blocks PR5 Alexa 70.000, 900.000 page views

    Website traffic is 900.000 page views per month with 6000-8000 unique visitors per day.

    Link: 15$ per month.
    Banners depending on location
    Top 728x90: 100$
    Center 336x280: 80$
    Left 120x600: 60$
    120x60, 125x125
    between 30-50$ per month.
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    what is the address of the website?

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    sorry for some reason forgot:

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    6000-8000 uniques a day and nobody posts in the forum?

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    You don't trust alexa ?
    If you are serious buyer I can give you awstats or google analytics data.
    About forum - for me it also mysterious, they just use web site functionality, but don't want participate in forum. In 2-3 months we will release new updated version more orientated to community, as now primary aim was to create good functionality, improve backend performance and logic.

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    What is your mail?

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