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    My current hosting (reseller) account:

    Okay, here is the situation:

    My host provides:

    *Free iPanel
    *mySQL 4

    at $10 per month.

    Thats all. Nothing else. Zilch.

    I need a better host! Is there any good web hosting providers that offer at least php 5 and mysql 5, and is free for the first month? I don't want to pay for something as decent as the above. Thanks!

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    I am sure there are loads of hosts that can offer mysql and php 5 but a free months trial is rather unusual with reseller accounts.

    Best I can suggest is you find one that interests you and ask them if they can help out, but if you find one with a money back guarantee then you can give them a try and if it isn't how you like you can get your money back and try another.

    Best of luck.
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    Browse the advertising forum. There are tons that meet your needs.

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    Yup - Go to the Advertising Forums. Many Resellers are running special offers as well.
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    What sort of disk space and bandwidth are you getting for that price?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaw Networks View Post
    What sort of disk space and bandwidth are you getting for that price?
    12GB quota
    120GB bandwidth

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    Try this link to request quotes from hosting providers
    Do you require iPanel included in the offer?
    It would not be easy to find quality host at cheaper price than what you have. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Okay, I've switched back to my other host, which has been the best so far! I thought I might find a better host, but no-one has been better than Scala Hosting!

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