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  • $0.00 - $3.00 / Month

    5 14.29%
  • $3.00 - $5.00 / Month

    12 34.29%
  • $5.00 - $15.00 / Month

    11 31.43%
  • $15.00 - $50.00 / Month

    3 8.57%
  • $50.00 + / Month

    4 11.43%
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    What is cheap/budget hosting?

    Hello All,

    Well, i see arguments on a daily basis here regarding pricing... you will see situations where one hosting company that charges $10/month is suggesting that bad service should be expected from a hosting company that is charging $4/month. I am not suggesting either is good or bad, I am not passing my own opinion in this thread.

    So, my question to the members of webhostingtalk is very simple, I have listed 5 price ranges in this poll, what is the lowest price range where you would expect a high quality of service/support.
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    < $3 / month. If there is a problem, I just move my sites

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    I would say 0-5 is cheap but voted 3-5 since that seemed the most common. I think the poll should have been more broken down further like 5-7 7-10. Who would say $15-$50+ is cheap for web hosting? Maybe a vps but not a web host.

    Edit oops I just read the title question not the one in the post. For a quality 8-15 for a smaller amount of resources. For high quality it goes up from there in my oppinion.
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    Just like the other 208,225,256 polls out there asking the same question, you need to be more specific about what you're getting for this range.

    $15 for a dual-core p4 with 5GB ram and 5TB of BW is very very cheap. I wouldn't expect good service though.

    $15 for 100MB shared hosting with 2GB shared BW is not terrible, but i'd expect excellent service.

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    The price being cheap/budget is dependent upon what you get. There are people who say that budgeted hosts provide poor quality service and support; this isn't true. There are many who provide same quality as larger hosts. Same thing as there are many non budget host who charge $10 and still provide nothing but headaches.

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    Here kevin listed 5 price range. I think it is difficult to find a service on the basis of just money.
    it is depends on the budget of the customer
    Commonly everybody says you will get for what you pay, it may not be true.
    Probably we can get good service for just $30/month and also there is a possibility to get bad service for 50/month....right ?.

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    $5+ at least.

    If you figure $1-3 per ticket per employee, if I send in a ticket or two a month, it essentially means you make $0 off me.
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    @bineshjacob - same thing I stated before you.

    @Dougy - Not every company pays $1-3 per ticket, which is ridiculous.

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    I would vote for 4$, if it's cheaper - it's red alert to stay away

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    I'd say the $3-$5 range would qualify as cheap. But you also need to factor in what sort of space and bandwidth are included. The $3/month plan could have 100mb space and 1GB of bandwidth. If that was the case would it still qualify as cheap?
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    I would of said Cheap would be in the range of $3-$7. By far most budget hosts would be in this category of pricing.

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    I would say anything around $0 - $3 is considered cheap hosting and $3 - $5 to be budget hosting.

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    I voted 3-5 but I really believe its about how much your being offered. If you pay 3 dollars monthly and get 50mb webspace and 3-5gb bandwidth I would say that is a legit sale which doesn't deserve to be in the cheap webhosting category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
    I'd say the $3-$5 range would qualify as cheap. But you also need to factor in what sort of space and bandwidth are included. The $3/month plan could have 100mb space and 1GB of bandwidth. If that was the case would it still qualify as cheap?
    Than it would be entirely dependent upon how often the customer deals with support.

    As always, these polls/threads lead nowhere as no definitive answer can be arrived at. The question is too ambiguous and encompasses much too much.
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    I generally doubt you get decent service for less than $5 or so per month, but it's hard to say any hard and fast rules.

    Some hosts just seem able to run a more efficient operation than others; they have better morale among their staff or whatever.

    For instance, hosting companies owned by the staff may do better because the staff feels a higher responsibility toward the company.
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    You're wandering into a walmart & holding a poll asking passerbys what they define as cheap. You'll receive answers anywhere from .50 cents to $500. It's a worthless question -- there's such a wide variety of budgets, needs & risks that clients assess when they're hunting for a company.

    The beauty of it is you'll find clients at every pricing point. At $5 a month, you'll frequently have business clients asking how you can afford to offer services on one hand.. and the other, you'll have people asking you why you're so expensive compared to xyz host.

    Don't price yourself according to an odd anonymous poll. Price yourself based on the services you want to offer & market yourself accordingly. You'll find clients willing to pay $1,000 for a shared hosting account if you spend enough time looking. The question is which market do you want to cater to.
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    I would say 5-10 for a decent sized is probibly good value for money, Considering the big hosts charge close to 20+ for a Web host only.

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