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    skilled administrator and programmer

    If anyone requires managed services im availible 7 days a week , to work as many hours as need be to get a task completed.

    Experienced with BSD and Linux (4+ years) , work with Ensim , Plesk and Cpanel on a daily basis - skilled with Bind, Apache, MySQL, Interchange, Sendmail, Postifx, and more...

    Active C/C++ programmer with solid background in PHP and bash shell scripting. Some knowladge in Visual basics and Delphi.

    I currently operate a broad range of services and offer them to the hosting industry at large - activly working for companies such as: ,,,, and others...

    References can be given upon request, as well i feel my contribution to any company/organization can be substantial with my solid background and base line set of utilities witch i have created to aid in my daily tasks of maintain servers. (system monitor, service monitor, bandwidth monitor(s), auditing utilities etc...).

    As well i am also a security consultant for other organizations/companies of witch i can not name - my security industry knowladge and skills are an invaluble asset to anyone seeking highly skilled people with security as a priority.

    Im very flexible, easy to work with and best of all i have the background and references to prove my work leaves companies 110% satisifed.

    Also as a side note, im located in Canada so i can also be a cost effective solution for most companies based in the USA.

    I can be contact via:
    ICQ: 76511994
    email: [email protected]
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