creativeVPS was formed during the second quarter of 2007 as an alternative to the thriving demand, and fierce overselling of VPS services. creativeVPS has gotten off the ground as a key provider of non-oversold, premium VPS services. Basing our datacenter out of Los Angeles, California, we maximize bandwidth distribution, and connection efficiency. Our core principals revolve around customer service, as well as continuous service. We believe that if the customer is not satisfied, we're not doing our jobs. Our level of service is aimed to provide overwhelming satisfaction, even if it means going the extra mile, for all customers. As part of our continuous service guarantee, we provide 99.9% Uptime SLA every month, excluding network and hardware maintenance.

New at creativeVPS! You now have a free choice to have your VPS located in the datacenter of your choice. Now you can have a VPS in our premiere Los Angeles DC, but also in our prestigious Dallas location. The new location is at the Infomart, and satisfaction is guaranteed! More information on this datacenter, is available below.


30 GB Disk Space
Fairshare of a Dual Xeon or Core2Quad CPU
256 MB Dedicated RAM
1 GB Burstable RAM
400 GB Premium Transfer
Fully Managed
$17.47 /First Month!
$24.95 /Month Thereafter.

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60 GB Disk Space
Fairshare of a Dual Xeon or Core2Quad CPU
512 MB Dedicated RAM
2 GB Burstable RAM
800 GB Premium Transfer
Fully Managed
$31.47 /First Month!
$44.95 /Month Thereafter

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120 GB Disk Space
2.4 GHz Guaranteed CPU of a Dual Xeon or Core2Quad CPU
1 GB Dedicated RAM
3 GB Burstable RAM
1600 GB Premium Transfer
Fully Managed
$62.97 /First Month!
$89.95 /Month Thereafter

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Operating Systems:
CentOS 4 + 5, Fedora Core 5 + 7, Gentoo, Ubuntu 6, Debian 3 + 4

Control Panels:
Webmin: Free | LXAdmin: Free | DirectAdmin: $5 /month | cPanel: $10 /month | cPanel + Fantastico: $15 /month

All of our VPS are fully managed, yet never oversold. The reason's we're not like many other overselling providers, is we believe in a personalized experience, meaning smaller servers, less clients per server, and true, and reliable support. A typical creativeVPS node consists of a Dual Xeon or Core2Quad with Dual 500 GB Hard Drives and 6 GB of DDR2 ECC RAM. We order new nodes constantly, and a copy of all user-taken backups are kept off-network. All of our VPS come with the HyperVM control panel.

Instant setup only applies to orders without a control panel request. Other orders will be setup in hour average time frame of around 1 hour, but we ask for 24 hours to ensure completion. For many orders, we do require telephone verification. You will receive a phone call with a four digit code to verify your information.

Our Datacenters
Los Angeles - 530 W. 6th Street
Our Los Angeles servers are located in the 530 West 6th Street facility. This location was chosen for it's rigorous durability, and our unmatched bandwidth presence, while maintaining continuous temperature regulation, and supreme security. Featuring a massive HVAC system regulating airflow throughout the facility, our datacenter is capable of supporting the entire datacenter solely on diesel powered UPS and generator systems. The datacenter NOC (Network Operations Centre) is staffed 24x7x365 with level 3 technicians. All cage space is fully independant and locked. Multiple keycard entry scanners, and security guards, actively guard you data, ensuring it safe from physical intrusion.

Dallas - 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway
Our newest datacenter location is in the heart of Dallas, at 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway. Many know this prestigious location as the Infomart. The Infomart is one of the largest telecom hotels in the world. It offers advanced fiber connections to almost all bandwidth providers stretching across the south and midwestern United States. With over 1,600,000 Square Feet of space, it's easily one of the largest datacenter facilities. The Infomart is a premier n+1 facility with fully redundant power and cooling. Using state of the art, waterless fire suppression, your data is always safe. The Infomart network relies on only the best of Cisco routers and switches through the building.

Our Network
creativeVPS has chosen the best of the best in means of bandwidth providers, in order to provide high network efficiency and full redundancy. We only utilize Tier-1 multi-homed providers, running on full fiber. We have 20GBps direct fiber to our main provider, Level(3) Communications. We have 2GBps direct fiber to Global Crossing, XO Communications, and BTN. In order to support our network, we also have 1GBps of direct fiber to SAVVIS, Sprint, Verio, MCI, Tiscali, T-Systems, Telia, as well as LA-IIX and Any2.

creativeVPS trusts PayPal for all of it's hosting transactions.
Toll Free: +1 (800)547-4197 (M-F)
AIM: creativeVPS
MSN: [email protected]

Q: Can existing customers use this special?
A: Existing customers may use this special, but it may only be used on a new VPS. Your account must maintain two VPS' in order for the promo to stand.

Q: Do you have a moneyback guarantee?
A: Due to the amount of fraud orders and moneyback requests we get, we do not offer a moneyback guarantee.

Q: What do you allow on your VPS?
A: We allow all content legal in the United States. We do not accept IRC services. We do allow legal adult content, and proxy sites.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: All payments are processed through PayPal. Funds can be provided by eCheck, Credit Card, or PayPal Balance.

Q: What is included in this "Full Management"
A: A description of our management services are available here.

Q: Will you setup TUN support?
A: TUN Support will be setup upon request.

Q: What if I need RDNS?
A: Our datacenter technicians will create RDNS PTR records for you.