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    Whois.Cart() is a domain/hosting shopping cart system. Some of the features of Whois.cart() are:
    • Paypal integration
    • integration
    • Moneris integration
    • you specify the TLD's that can be searched
    • Admin control panel to run reports and see orders
    • runs on any system that has an OS whois (linux for example), php4 and mysql
    • includes an order form for clients that already have a domain

    The software is being developed and added on to constantly. This package is not integrated into any control panels for auto account creation, nor is it integrated into any registry yet. As demand increases, more integration will be added to the system as practical. This is a perfect system for a reseller that needs something, quick, professional and easy to set up.

    Installation help is available upon request. Whois.cart is currently licensing for 35$US per site (installation on one domain).

    You can check out the product at - a user and an admin demo are available there.

    I did not create or own this package. I have a license, and I really liked it a lot, I know the guy who made it, so I thought I would help some hosts looking for a system like this and the guy who made this software >>>In other words, I don't make a penny letting you know about this software ;-)


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    Too bad... they only accept PayPal. No credit card purchase.

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    Paypal does CCs....
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