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    Need host with good webmail and data migration

    I'm looking for a windows host to transfer a site to for a client.

    My client accesses his email exclusively by webmail (not through outlook or other mail client), so the quality of the available webmail service is extremely important. His current host uses imail from ipswitch for webmail access.

    I'm looking for a host that has the capability to migrate email data and messages currently stored in my client's current imail account.

    Finally, I also need a host that can setup a subdomain like to go directly to the webmail login without having to go through a hosting control panel.

    I'm more familiar with linux hosts, but I've been forced to take over an asp based site, so I need a little more help than normal in finding the right service.

    Any move would involve a web site as well, but my main client's main concern is maintaining all of his current email data during any site transfer. Thanks for your help.

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    Hello brads and welcome to WHT!

    Many providers will offer assistance or even transfer the site(s) for you. If you look for a provider using the MailEnable mail server, the new Webmail is written in .Net and is pretty nice.

    You or your provider can set up the zone record to allow webmail.domainname.ext to hit the Webmail application.

    Good luck w/ your search and best wishes!

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    Even smartermail will be a very good email server. Check out the offers section where you will be able to find some good deals for your requirements.

    Good luck!
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    Non of the above applications provide a automated way of transferring your clients mailbox.

    However if both your old and new provider offer IMAP Access, you could login to both IMAP Accounts at once, then drag and drop the contents of the folders to the new mailbox.
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